School Uniform Requirements

Table of Contents What do the requirements say? As we all know, times are tough for many families at the moment so, last year, the DfE produced some new statutory guidance around the cost of school uniforms.  The requirements in this guidance don’t actually become statutory for schools until 2023 giving schools times to make […]

School Statutory Website Requirements 2022 – What’s Changed?

Unsurprisingly, the statutory school website requirements have been updated following a couple of disrupted years in education.   The document can be found here but I have summarised the main changes below – I have also included templates that we use when we audit websites that you might find useful to download and use yourself.  Order […]

OFSTED School Websites – What are they saying?

Is ensuring your website is completely up-to-date really that important?  The simple answer is yes.  I completely understand how this can fall down the priority list though since your website doesn’t have a direct impact on standards in your school so can become a little neglected.  But, we cannot escape the fact, school websites have become […]

Who audits your website?

It’s a good question and not something I had ever really thought too much about as a school leader.  I tended to either do it myself with a checklist I found on the internet or one of my governors would volunteer and then I could say that there had been an “impartial” audit or that […]

Academy & Free School Website Requirements

School Website Requirements – The differences Ok, I’m going to start with a confession.  Even when I was a Head Teacher in an Primary Academy, I didn’t realise that the statutory website requirements for an academy were different to that of a maintained school! (I will use “academy” through this document for the sake of brevity […]

Statutory School Website Information – Common Mistakes

Order Your Comprehensive Audit Now Statutory Information The list of statutory information that schools must publish on their website is extensive.  It changes regularly and seems to keep growing so is a significant challenge for school leaders to ensure that they keep their websites compliant.  We recently launched a new service, which has proved to […]