School Website Audit

Ensure your school website meets statutory requirements with our comprehensive audit. An experienced Head Teacher will assess your site and provide a RAG-rated report, highlighting compliance levels and offering recommendations for improvement.

Usability Assessment 

In addition to the statutory requirements, we offer an optional usability assessment. This assessment evaluates responsiveness across devices, loading speed, accessibility of content and more.


Make sure your school website meets all current statutory requirements by relying on the expertise of our experienced Head Teachers. Our thorough audit will provide you with a clear and detailed report, complete with a RAG rating system to showcase your compliance levels.  Not only does this give you a clear action plan to ensure your website is fully compliant, it also provides external verification which is fantastic for governors.

If you anticipate an imminent OFSTED inspection, we’ve got you covered.  With our expedited service, you can receive your audit report within 24 hours of placing your order (available Monday to Friday).