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School Website Requirements

As an ex-Head Teacher, I completely understand how much work goes into maintaining a school website and keeping all your policies, curriculum, staff details and statutory information up-to-date, especially as most of these things are constantly evolving coupled with the fact that your school website does not necessarily have a tangible impact on teaching and learning so can slip down your priority list pretty quickly but, we cannot escape a few facts:

  • Your school website is most probably the first port of call for parents or members of the public and you can only make one first impression
  • There are statutory requirements dictating things that must be on your website
  • OFSTED will use this to gather information about your school even before they make that initial conversation so by the time you know they’ve looked, it’s too late to make any last minute changes

Table of Contents

Why Audit your Website?

School website requirements are extensive and change regularly. In fact, the list of information and documents you must publish on your website is growing each year.  It will be the first thing OFSTED check before you even receive your initial phone call so it is really important that everything is included, correct and up-to-date.

School documents often evolve so it is really important to ensure you have the latest available, e.g. curriculum maps, policies, PP Strategy documents etc.   This must be done at least once a year.  

Our Service

We offer a comprehensive auditing service where we will review your website against each of the statutory requirements.  You will receive a RAG rated written report demonstrating your level of compliance and with clear actions for any areas where you are not yet meeting the criteria.  

This report can be used as evidence with SLT, Governors, Trust / LA representatives as well as giving you the peace of mind that your website has all the necessary information and is giving a good first impression of your school. 

Why Use Us?


All audits are completed by experienced school leaders.


We make sure policies are in date and not just "present".


External verification of your level of compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, we look at what type of school you are, e.g. Primary or Secondary and then whether you are a maintained school or academy (because the requirements differ depending on your type of school).  We then carefully go through your website checking each criterion in the statutory requirements ensuring that the documents or information is available, that links work and that any documents are in date and using any statutory templates etc. 

You will receive a report with a RAG rating next to every requirement for your website.  If you have any amber or red colours, there will be an accompanying comment explaining why this isn’t green and suggestions where appropriate for what needs to be done.  In some cases, even when a criterion is fully met and coloured green, we may include a comment with some hints or tips that could be useful.   

Green – complete and no action required.
Amber – present but needs attention, e.g. may be out of date or missing some information.
Red – missing from the website or incorrect.

Yes, the DfE site is checked regularly to ensure that our audits meet statutory requirements as they are today.  We also get weekly updates from the DfE informing us of any changes to their statutory requirements to ensure that our audits are always correct at the date of publication. 

We do actually check the documents to make sure they are in date and, for things like the Pupil Premium report, make sure that they are on the correct template.